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History of Charles Helmers Elementary

Current Summary
Charles Helmers Elementary School serves approximately 760 students in preschool through sixth grade.  We are located in Valencia, California and are part of the Saugus Union School District.  We are a California Distinguished school as well as a Blue Ribbon School.  Our vision expresses our intent:  Helmers Elementary School is committed to the development of a community of lifelong learners and future leaders, decision-makers, and persons of character.

Who was Charles Helmers?
Charles Helmers was a superintendent in the Saugus Union School District.  During his time as the leader of the district it was decided that this school would be built.  Though he was at the groundbreaking for the school Mr. Helmers passed away before it was finished.  In his honor, the school board named the site after him.

Helmers Elementary Notable Names:
Charles Helmers may not be a name you recognize, but if you do a little research you would learn that some terrific athletes have gone to Helmers Elementary.  Two of those former students made it all the way to play for professional teams.  Even more impressive is that both of the students are named Shane and finished their sixth grade year at Helmers Elementary in 2001.  Shane Vereen is a successful football player for the New England Patriots while Shane Harper plays hockey for the Philadelphia Flyers.  Even though we are proud of these two notable alumni, we are just as proud of every student who has passed through our doors and are successful in many ways.    

Underground Water?

Have you ever visited Northbridge Park?  It is located right next to Helmers Elementary and is where our students get to play basketball during recess and PE.  It's also where we run our very popular FIT team program.  If you dug deep enough in the park you would find a pipe, a very big pipe.  The pipe is part of the aqueduct that brings water to Southern California.

The History of Charles Helmers Elementary (The Brief Version):
Charles Helmers Elementary started with just two bungalows.  It opened on October 23, 1990, just after parent teacher conferences.  Originally, the school housed the students from Seco Canyon School while they waited for Mountain View Elementary to open.  Before opening, those students took a field trip to the school to view their new classrooms.  That means that the Helmers site was home to two schools and a parking lot full of bungalows.  The school still has many bungalows which now sit on what used to be handball courts.  At one time the school had 16 handball courts.  There was no "down court" area which is what the school calls the basketball courts in Northbridge Park.   
As of 2012, it's possible to find some of the first people who opened Helmers Elementary still working on the campus.  Three of the original teachers, Mrs. Aldous, Mrs. Rocha, and Mrs. Wong, as well as staff members Mrs. Duus and Mrs. Lytle, all helped open the school.  Candy Clark was Helmers' first principal, but she has since retired.
Why is the Mascot a Husky?
When the school first opened the students were asked what the mascot should be.  Many suggestions were made and the students then voted.  The husky won the vote, so Helmers' students are also known as Helmers' Huskies.

Charles Helmers Elementary is proud to have earned the National Blue Ribbon award in 1993, 2000, 2004, 2005, and 2008.

School Colors:
The school's mascot is devoted to wearing blue, but all alumni certainly remember the sea-foam green and pink trim colors throughout the school.