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What the Students Will Learn

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Below is a brief list of Key academic skills that students are expected to have mastered by the end of kindergarten.  For a complete list of the California State Standards for Education, follow this link to the California Department of Education's website.

Work/Study Habits and Citizenship Expectations can be found here.

  •     Recognizes/names upper and lower case letters and their sounds
  •     Blends and segments CVC words
  •     Identifies and produces rhyming words orally
  •     Hears, makes, and tracks sounds in words
  •     Reads simple one syllable and high frequency words
  •     Makes predictions using pictures and context
  •     Identifies basic elements of a story: character, setting, problem, and important events
  •     Retells beginning, middle, and ending of familiar stories
  •     Distinguishes between fantasy and realistic texts
  •     Understands and follows one and two step oral directions
  •     shares information and ideas in complete sentences

  •     Writes legible words and short sentences
  •     Writes with phonetic spelling
  •     Writes with correct beginning and ending punctuation
  •     Prints upper and lower case letters
  •     Writes left to right and top to bottom
  •     Writes with proper spacing and size
  •     Grips pencil correctly

  •     Counts to 100 by ones, fives, and tens
  •     Recognizes numbers 0-40
  •     Writes numbers 0-30
  •     Counts with one to one correspondence to 20
  •     Adds and subtracts simple problems to 5 concretely (Using manipulatives)
  •     Develops skills in estimation
  •     Identifies, extends, and creates patterns with 3 attributes
  •     Sorts and classifies objects by 2 attributes
  •     Identifies and describes common objects by plane and solid shapes
  •     Identifies basic elements of a calendar and time
  •     Compares length, weight, and capacity of objects
  •     Collects, records, and interprets data from a graph
  •     Solves simple word problems
  •     Describes and explains mathematical reasoning of problem solving/application concepts

  •     Life Science - Basic concepts about plants and animals
  •     Physical Science - Basic concepts about matter and water
  •     Earth Science - Basic concepts about the earth, weather, and seasons

Social Studies: Learning and Working Now and Long Ago
  •     Self and family
  •     Citizenship and Rules
  •     State and National Symbols
  •     Famous Americans
  •     Holidays
  •     Community Helpers
  •     Past and Present