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About Kindergarten

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Kindergarten at Helmers Elementary is a full-day program, 8:15-2:15, that is designed to introduce students to fundamental academic concepts while they get used to the routines of a typical school day.  The Kindergarten team works closely with each other to develop lessons and experiences for the students using a combination of small group and whole group instruction.  During the year, students will learn about standards based concepts through exploration, direct instruction, music, art, and hands-on manipulatives.  Holidays provide great opportunities for students to learn about traditions and history.  There are high expectations that each student will be reading by the end of the year.  In addition to the rigorous academics, students are also provided opportunities to grow socially as they learn how to interact with each other positively.

The Alphafriends are key characters designed to help students learn the connection between letters and their sounds.  For a list of the characters and the lyrics to their songs, follow this Alphafriends link.