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English Language Development (ELD)

We are here to answer your questions about this program.  If you can't find the answer you are looking for here, feel free to contact our Assistant Principal, Dena Rusk, or your child's teacher.  (661) 294-5345.

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Jan. 29th ELAC Meeting - 8:30 AM
Jan. 27th DELAC Meeting - 3:45 PM
March 18th ELAC Meeting - 8:30 AM
March 17th DELAC Meeting - 3:45 PM
May 20th ELAC meeting - 8:30 AM
May 19th DELAC Meeting - 3:45 PM

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The English Language Development (ELD) program is designed to provide support for students who have learned a language other than English as their first language.  According to the California Department of Education (CDE), the primary goals of the program are to:
  • Ensure that English learners acquire full proficiency in English as rapidly and effectively as possible and attain parity with native speakers of English.
  • Ensure that English learners, within a reasonable period of time, achieve the same rigorous grade-level academic standards that are expected of all students.

For more information, visit the CDE English Learners page. 

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At Helmers Elementary, English Learners are taught the skills they need in a variety of settings.  All students receive in class support from their teacher.  In some grade levels, under the direction of a teacher, an instructional assistant provides 30 minutes of English Language Development instruction.

The Saugus Union School District has invested in a program called Systematic ELD.  The program is designed to provide lessons and support in the classroom and during pull-out lessons that specifically helps students become more familiar with English structures.  One key component of the program is the "sentence frame" which teaches kids how to say what they want, while allowing them to change words to express their message.  For example, if a student is being asked to compare two bikes he/she may be given the following frame.

"The first _____ is _____, but the second _____ is _____."
The student then fills in the blanks with a noun and adjective.
"The first bike is red, but the second bike is purple."

These frames can be made to help students perform better both in social conversations and on academic assessments.

You can find more information about the SUSD English language program by visiting the district's site.

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The ELD program is run by many valuable people working as part of a team.  Our school's team includes the Assistant Principal, an ELD Coordinator, ELD Assistants, Classroom teachers, and an English Language Advisory Council (ELAC).  The ELAC includes school staff as well as parents of students in the program.  Each person or group is important to the students' success.  If you would like to participate, feel free to contact the school. 

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Title III of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 provides federal financial support to state and local educational agencies for limited English proficient students and immigrant students.  For more information visit the CDE Title III page.